James Noland

James E. Noland



James E. Noland is Chairman and Owner of PenTrust Real Estate Advisory Services, Inc. Since 1987 he has been instrumental in creating the concept and philosophies of The ERECT Funds. Mr. Noland’s career began in 1969 at The Equitable Life Assurance Society in Washington, DC in the Real Estate Investment Department. He moved to Pittsburgh with Equitable in 1971 and soon accepted a position as Vice President in the Pittsburgh field office of Galbreath Mortgage Company, which later became Chemical Mortgage Company.

In 1976, Mr. Noland and his two partners founded Lane, Noland, Smith & Company, Inc., a highly respected mortgage banking entity headquartered in Pittsburgh. After 24 successful years of operation, Lane, Noland, Smith & Company was sold in 1999 to a large southeastern bank holding company. At that time, Mr. Noland became sole principal of PenTrust.

In 2006, Mr. Noland formed Development Capital Investors, Inc., a firm that was selected to invest subordinate mezzanine capital in Pennsylvania real estate projects on behalf of the Commonwealth Financing Authority. Mr. Noland has also invested privately in commercial real estate developments.

Mr. Noland’s 50+ years of experience and expertise in real estate finance have enabled him to bring a reliability and quality to PenTrust’s investment recommendations that are respected well beyond the Pittsburgh market. He looks forward to continuing to provide The ERECT Funds, developers, and investors with knowledgeable direction and advice.